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    • A brief summary about you, what you do, your interests and why you wish to be considered for a modelling position with AB LABEL.
    • And provide a link to your online portfolio or photographs.  Aspiring models’ photographs do not need to be professional. Holiday snaps are perfect because, should AB Label be interested in you, we will arrange for professional, test photography to be taken and it is this that will determine whether or not we take you on. How you look in front of the camera will be the final decider! You will never be charged for tests.


Be prepared to wait to be invited to photoshoots. Be prepared to be turned down for particular photoshoots, whilst your face may be perfect to your friends and family, it may simply not be suitable for a particular collection or particular clothing.



You will need: 

  • the ability to work well with others
  • be professional
  • alert, intelligent, resourceful, reliable, good-natured
  • active listening skills
  • to be flexible and open to change
  • excellent verbal communication skills
  • patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • the ability to organise your time and workload
  • concentration skills
  • physical fitness and endurance
  • to be able to carry out basic tasks on a computer or hand-held device



    Personal appearance

     You should have clear skin, good hands, nails and teeth, healthy hair and regular features.

    Time and dedication 

    Building your modelling career and portfolio takes time, effort and dedication. A model must be strong-minded and resilient to navigate the chaotic waters of the fashion industry. Confidence and a strong-will are important in this high-paced, ever evolving and fiercely competitive world.

    Personal attitude 

    If you want a successful career, being professional is one of the most important things when working. However, a fashion shoot consists of a lot more than just of a series of postures. You have to be prepared to withstand long hours, while keeping a positive and helpful attitude. Nobody wants to work with a model who makes the job more difficult with negativity or ego.

    A global career 

    A modelling career has many rewards, and one of the most exciting can be travel. You must be prepared for this. Never let your passport be out of date! 

    Relish your career 

     This is a career into which you have to put your heart and mind. But, do bear in mind that the professional cycle of a model can be quite short. Yes, some models work well into their 30s and 40s, some well after that. So appreciate this unique opportunity, be passionate and relish every moment. It shows when you do and helps you succeed




    Editorial models 

    When you open the pages of a fashion magazine, you will see editorial spreads that are used to tell a story about clothing or showcase new trends. Editorial models fall under different requirements for catwalk models and will be paid differently. You can expect around $100 per hour if you are doing well. Starting model salary may be much lower, even $20 per hour, and you may have to work for free at first to get your portfolio.

    Runway models

    These models walk the catwalk in designer clothes during events. You must be able to change very quickly backstage (and not be embarrassed about others watching you change), and prepared to wear outlandish, revealing, or unflattering clothes. You are a vehicle for demonstrating the fashion, and it is not about you. You must have a strong walk, you must be tall and slim, and you must fit the sample size clothes that the designer creates. Your job will likely take several hours, from hair and makeup through to rehearsals and then the show itself, which can be over in a matter of thirty minutes or less. Some models are paid as much as $20,000 per show, while others might not be paid at all, depending on the Designer.

    Catalogue models

    When you shop online or through a catalog, you will see models wearing the clothes to demonstrate how they look. This can be very steady work as you will be called back in for new product releases and can shoot hundreds of looks a week. You must conform to standard sizes, and usually, a more generic look is preferred – so if you have a striking or outlandish face, you may be better off working editorially.

    Fit models

    Fit models are used to determine the fit of clothes and make sure that they look correct. You may be able to double up this work with catalog work. For a fit model, your face is not at all important, only the precise sizing of your body.

    Parts models

    Hands, feet, arms and legs, lips, eyes, hair, even parts of the torso – parts models work with just a small portion of their body rather than the whole thing. They may cover more than one part, or focus on just the part of their body which is most attractive. A hand model salary could be very different from a foot model or an eye model, so it is difficult to put a figure on this. It is very niche work and requires hard work, physical discomfort, and determination to succeed – as well as being extremely protective of the part that you model.

    Live event models

    Live events such as car shows, exhibitions, and trade fairs often need models to attract attention. Sometimes known as grid girls (at car events), promo girls, promo models, or so on, they will work long days and are not always paid well. You will be expected to pose for pictures with members of the public and keep a smile at all times. 



    The working environment can differ greatly from day to day, as well as from job to job. This is because the work is different every time! You might be shooting a beachy look on the beach and having a great time, or shivering in cold without a coat to get the shot.

    One thing is for certain, and that is that models have to look after themselves. You will sometimes be given refreshments and looked after by a runner or assistant, but not always. You may have to supply your own food and drink, keep yourself warm and dry, or simply endure physical discomfort until the work is done. If you are not cut out for this kind of environment, you may not succeed. Walking away from a set because you’re too cold or tired may affect your reputation, which is everything in the fashion industry.  



    Modelling as a career has become a much-vaunted choice now with thousands of aspirants chasing the dream of becoming the next supermodel. Those days are over when you could depend on your luck to get spotted, the chances of that happening are one-in-a-million now. To become a model, it takes discipline, effort, and perseverance. You need to plan, prepare, and follow a strategy to stand out and get noticed.

    To know how to get into modelling, first, you should know which type of modelling suits you. 

    Develop your skills:

    Study and understand posing. Practice. What separates a pretty model from another model is going to be their posing ability. Modelling is an art. Whether it's binge-watching modelling shows, scanning the pages of Vogue, watching YouTube tutorials, reading modelling eBooks like glamour shots photography or finding a favourite model. Posing is very awkward at first. Practice. Here is a modelling tip for you: Have a friend shoot photo of you to get comfortable with posing, both in front of a camera and another person. Or start smaller and put a camera on a tripod and practice by yourself until your confidence grows before you start your journey to become a fashion model.

    Practice posing in front of the camera

    The next step to know how to start modelling is to practice in front of the camera. The supermodels you see in gorgeous magazine photos did not just sit in front of a camera and get lucky when the photographer took a picture of them. They worked WITH the photographer to create a masterpiece. Both equally skilled in their respective trade, a model will use her posing, facial expressions, and artistic intuition to help create the photographer's vision. Having the right posing skills is an essential requirement for becoming a model. The photographer will use his knowledge of lighting, aperture, framing, etc. to bring everything to life on his end. It is a choreographed dance, and you need to hone your skills the best way you can. If you can't pose and don't feel confident in front of a camera, it will be 20 times harder to get a great shot. Work on becoming the best model you can be!

    Get a killer modelling portfolio

     One of the most critical steps to become a model and to make a stable career is to have a well-rounded modelling portfolio that showcases your strong points through high-quality, stunning images. One of the first requirements from a model that agencies and clients will look at to make a great first impression is the modelling portfolio. It helps to have both an online version your modelling portfolio website that you can send to anyone via an email and a printed version that you can show when you meet someone face to face. You need all the exposure you can get to move up the ladder in the modelling industry. 

    Be Professional

     Getting into modelling is not an easy task. You have to be a professional through and through. Answer phone calls. Return voicemails and emails promptly. There is no excuse to be 30 minutes late to a casting call, photo shoot. If anything, you should always be 15 minutes EARLY. This takes planning and time management skills. Aspiring models make a big mistake when they adopt the mentality of: "Well, I'm pretty enough to be a model, so I will just skate by with my looks alone and minimal effort." Many up-and-coming models of the past never worked another day in their life in the modelling industry after their unprofessionalism, lousy attitude, and reputation began to overshadow their beauty. Nobody wants to work with a diva. There are plenty of other beautiful girls in the world who WON'T be snotty or rude.

    When you are booked for a job, you are representing both yourself and AB LABEL or your agency. When you are on set, treat EVERYONE with respect. If your makeup artist was given a specific directive, which she followed, but you hate the way she did your makeup… well, that's too bad. She did her job, so now do yours. Produce some killer photos, regardless of your makeup preference, and without saying mean things about the makeup artist to others. Respect and courtesy will take you a LONG way in your modelling career

    Commit to work

     Modelling may seem easy and glamorous, but that is by no means the reality. It will take a lot of commitment on your part to become a model. Are you prepared to maintain a diet, fitness, and beauty regimen, even when you are having a dry spell and not having any work? Are you willing to do a 12-hr photo shoot in hot conditions, while wearing a wardrobe that offers a lot of additional warmth, while still getting the shot and not complaining? Are you willing to travel on long trips, and be away from your significant other, family, friends, and the comforts of home for an extended period? Are you willing to work a completely unglamorous side-job? If AB LABEL wants you to try a dramatic hairstyle change, are you flexible and open to it? These commitments are not meant to scare you by any means – modelling CAN be fun, rewarding, exciting, and glamorous. Just make sure you are aware of the possibilities on both sides, good and bad, and you are ready to commit no matter what!

    Build your social media following

     If you are an aspiring fashion model, it is likely that you are seeking modelling agency representation. As mentioned before, submit your digitals, practice posing and walking, develop a beauty regimen, etc. while you wait for responses from modelling agencies. In the meantime, build up your social media following. It may help get you in with AB LABEL and signed to an agency! Building a following on social media is a very new phenomenon. These days, modelling agencies will take a model's online audience into consideration when weighing whether to sign them or not. 
    Advertisers use models all the time, but more and more so they want to use models who already have a built-in audience to promote to. A large social media following is not a requirement to be a fashion model, but it is an important attribute. This trend does not show any signs of slowing at current. So jump on board as soon as you can. Be wise in your social media strategy and message. Know what you stand for, show your followers your authentic self, engage with them regularly, and post great photos! You can even take it a step further and start a blog, a YouTube channel, etc. Many non-intending influencers have turned into professional models on account of their large following.